As a birthday present to myself, I’m finally launching a redesign of

The new design is based on a theme called PixelPower┬áby Curt Ziegler. My previous design was also one of his themes, and I’m certainly a fan of his minimalistic style.

PixelPower employs responsive web design techniques, so the site should now scale in size from my large desktop monitor down to smartphones, without the need for fragile plugins and browser sniffing.

The new theme also supports WordPress post formats, which will enable me to start micro-blogging. My goal has been to make this site the repository of all my personal activity on the web, and this is one more step along that path. Over the coming months I intend to archive my tweets and bookmarks here and start treating this site as my canonical data warehouse.

Alongside the new theme, I am using the excellent WP Resume plug-in by Ben Balter. It uses custom post types to capture the resume information in a structured format, and comes with an intelligent default template and markup structure (hResume+HTML5). Certainly beats maintaining a text resume by hand!

So expect the volume on this blog to increase moderately, as I start posting content here that I might have otherwise posted on Twitter or various mailing lists. Here’s to an exciting 23rd year!

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