Born in February 1989, I grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA, USA.

I am currently a developer on the Workflows team at Okta.

I was a developer and manager on the Dynamics CRM team at Microsoft, where I worked on next-generation CRM applications.

I attended Yale University as an Electrical Engineering & Computer Science major. My interests lie across the boundaries of software and computer hardware, including work in the field of robotics. Web development has also been a passion of mine for several years, having contributed to a number of online ventures.

I spent my first three years at Yale involved with the web team at the Yale Daily News, the oldest college daily newspaper, and the primary daily news publication at Yale University. I served as Online Director, sitting on the Business Board and Executive Committee. I was responsible for continued operations and maintenance of the website and all other online initiatives, as well as the development and evolution of the site’s technical platform.

I am a co-founder and former CTO of Camayak, a virtual newsroom for journalists and news organizations.

I am also a contributor to various aspects of the WordPress software project, including the XML-RPC API, unit testing framework, and the WordPress for Windows Phone mobile application.

For more information about current and past experiences, please explore my resume.