XML-RPC Modernization Plugin: v0.6 Release

Today I released an update (version 0.6) to my XML-RPC modernization plugin for WordPress, and have put it up on the WordPress.org plugin repository. I have also released a branch of python-wordpress-xmlrpc that supports the new functionality provided by the WordPress plugin.

This update mostly refines and previous release by making parameter names and return values more consistent across the API.

I also reorganized the code to separate the plugin initialization hooks from the new server class implementation. This is mostly for organizational purposes, but also makes it so that the bulk of the code isn’t parsed and loaded by WordPress unless the request is actually to xmlrpc.php.

The plugin is still missing wp.newPost and wp.editPost, as I have not yet come up with a design for them that I am satisfied with. These methods are currently the planned focus for our core dev team’s (led by westi, with me and MarkoHeijnen as collaborators) first two-week cycle for 3.4. If/when they are ready, I’ll include them in a 0.7 release for the plugin.

I’d love to get feedback and more people testing the new functionality, so if you are so-inclined please do let me know and share your thoughts.

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