space shuttle

Remembering Shuttle

The Space Shuttles have been in the news lately as Discovery and Enterprise were ferried to DC and NYC, respectively, for public display in their retirement. And SpaceX is scheduled to launch the first private industry spacecraft to the International Space Station next week. So in keeping with the space news, I’ve fixed the broken gallery on my Space Shuttle Atlantis launch post.

Space Shuttle Launch

The past few days, my father and I went down to Orlando to see the Space Shuttle Atlantis launch into space on mission STS-125, the final repair mission to the Hubble space telescope. We managed to snag tickets to watch the launch from the closet point open to the public, the NASA Causeway about 5 miles from the Pad 39A complex. Following are my pictures from the launch and from the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, as well as my reaction to the launch itself.

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