What I’ve been up to

About once per year I realize that I’ve neglected my blog and decide that it’s time to change that. I’m going to try to blog at least once per week, starting with this recap of what I’ve been up to since my last post.

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Remembering Shuttle

The Space Shuttles have been in the news lately as Discovery and Enterprise were ferried to DC and NYC, respectively, for public display in their retirement. And SpaceX is scheduled to launch the first private industry spacecraft to the International Space Station next week. So in keeping with the space news, I’ve fixed the broken gallery on my Space Shuttle Atlantis launch post.

python-wordpress-xmlrpc v2.0!

As WordPress 3.4 approaches RC and final release, the new features in the XML-RPC API have finally stabilized. For those Python users out there, I’ve updated my Python binding library to take advantage of the new functionality.

As part of the release, I spent the time to write proper documentation; be sure to check out the examples section! The library is now also compatible with Python 3 (in addition to Python 2.6+).

If you are currently using a previous release (1.x) of the library, be warned that 2.0 is not backwards compatible. I’ve removed all but one use of legacy Blogger/metaWeblog methods, which has caused the posts module and several others to change significantly. See the changelog for full details.

And, of course, you can download it on PyPI or directly through GitHub.

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