3 Responses to Introducing ShoeVox
  1. Henry C-G

    Sweet. I need to find a Windows box so that I can test this out.

  2. LeRoy Lorenz

    I would love to get this to work as it is customizable,
    but it just isn’t working on windows 7 32 bit.
    Even the built in base commands are not being sent.
    I can tell it is hearing me as I can move the window to the back and it will come forward for a moment when I speak a command,but nothing is happening.
    I have tried different variations of the syntax,including
    copying it from my wsr macros.
    Hours of trying and nothing.
    Am I doing something wrong here?
    Would like to get this working as I could setup all
    the media center shortcuts.
    WSR is just too slow and I can’t use a prefix on that.
    Thank you.

  3. LeRoy Lorenz

    Ok,I got past the bug of commands not being sent to windows 7 media center.
    Adding this to the shoevox.exe.config file just above the last line……….

    Put that just above at the end of the file.

    It forces sendkeys to use sendinput and works for
    both media center and media player.
    I don’t have the other apps installed,but I would imagine
    it would work with those too.
    Now I need to work on some of the shortcuts.
    F8 is sending F7 for some reason.

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