New Business Models for News

For my Introduction to Law & Technology class this semester, I worked with two of my classmates on a survey of new business models for journalism and news organizations. The results can be found on the website we have created, including a full recap and notes of the Knight Media conference held at the Yale Law School in November.

We performed survey research on eight of the most discussed new business models for news, although we tried not to prescribe any of them as “the” solution. As countless others have pointed out, there will not be any single solution that will work for any or all news organizations, so it is instead important to understand how each might contribute to a new news organization structure. We hope to update the site periodically as events unfold in the industry, and will continue to post to our Publish2 newsgroup as we come across relevant new content.

We hope our research and summaries are useful to interested observers, especially those who may not have been following the issues at hand as closely as we have. Feel free to give feedback and let us know what you think.

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