Seeking Web/UX Designer

Last night I posted a cryptic job offering on Twitter, even offering to pay for the work. After getting a number of private queries for more information, I thought I’d make my request public instead of privately emailing half a dozen people.


As you might have gathered from my other blog posts, I am, first and foremost, a developer. I’ve done stints as the combo designer-and-developer for sites, but I’ve learned that my design skills are lacking and have tried to find more talented partners when working on projects that require interfaces.

Last week, the first site was launched on the Courant News platform. There are still a slew of template bugs that I’m working through, but the platform has performed admirably over the past week. It currently uses a more-or-less stock Django admin interface with the grappelli skin. However, the ultimate goal is that of the digital newsroom and Nando.

The Job

I am seeking a web/UX designer to work with me on designing the Nando interface. For those not familiar, Nando is the codename for the admin interface in the Courant News publishing platform for college news sites; it combines standard CRUD content management with a digital newsroom and the ability to manage an organization’s site from the web interface without touching code. For full details, you can read through the spec and the first round of community comments.

Because Courant News is an open source project, we don’t have the money to pay a huge amount for this work, but I am willing to work out monetary and other forms of compensation and negotiate terms of the work with interested individuals. When Nando is complete, Courant News will represent one of the best options for college news sites who embrace the web-first mentality and want to push the boundaries of online journalism; by working on designing Nando, your mark will be left on all of these endeavors and will touch members of the next generation of journalists.

Contact Me

So if you are interested or have questions, please send me an email (maxcutler AT gmail DOT com) or find me on AIM (S/N: Goaliexam).

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